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List: 2016’s Top 5 Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria Action

By Swaggiee - 783 days ago

There is a lot of change in Nigeria Music Industry and it no longer shocking that Fuji music has become a “hot cake” in Nigeria today with hordes of artist vecturing into the music genre.

In time past, Fuji music was not accepted by many and because of this fact it was very impossible for it to go viral. But fast farward to 2016, fuji music is now one of the most soughted after music in Nigeria. Resulting from this fact, fuji musicans has been able to make alot of cash from the business putting them among the richest musicians in Nigeria today.

It worthy to note that Fuji music is more dominant in the Western part of the country. The Yorubas listen and dance to Fuji music in any occasion whether its a birthday party, naming or marriage ceremony etc. Fuji music is their kind of song. Fuji musicians are from the Western part of of Nigeria and Yoruba is their dialect.

5. Adewale Ayuba – Net Worth | N400 Million

Adewale Ayuba is among the few Educated Fuji Musician in Nigeria. The Bonsue Fuji act was among the first set of Glo Ambassador unveiled many years back.

His style of Fuji is Unique and Distinctive among the rest. The Hotelier is no doubt one of the Richest Fui Musicians in Nigeria.

4. Saheed Osupa – Net Worth | N450 Million

King Saheed Osupa is a native of Ibadan, Oyo state, he started singing in 1983 and has released over 20 albums. He is the only musician that released four in one albums in Nigeria.

Saheed Osupa performs in more than ten shows in a week, he has made a lot of money and name for himself as a Fuji musician in Nigeria and his net worth is N450 million.

3. Pasuma Wonder – Net Worth | N455 Milllion

Alhaji Pasuma Wonder was just an ordinary Fuji musician before his block buster “Orobokibo” album was released in 1995 and his life never remained the same again.

The “Orobokibo” has become a popular slang in the western part of Nigeria, Pasuma has properties worth millions of naira.

2. Abass Akande Obesere – Net Worth | N500 Million

Abass Akande Obesere is well known for his radical songs, he is one of the most successful Fuji musician in Nigeria, he started music right from his primary school days.

Obesere has released many albums since he started singing such as Asakasa, Omorapala Overthrow, Egungun Be Careful, Obaadan, Mr. Teacher, Effissy etc. Obesere is also a businessman, and have acquired many properties over the years, his net worth is N500 million.

Aint u damn eager to see that number 1 ClIcK HeRe To ViEw 

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